Thursday, March 12, 2009

Workshop Fun!!! Teens 2 Tots.

In keeping with number 6 of New Year's Resolutions I am doing some continuing education this month! I went to an awesome workshop with some of my photographer friends on Tuesday! It was a fabulous workshop by Sandy Puc. She is a portrait photographer that specializes in children her studio is called Expressions and boy can she capture them. It is amazing how she interacts with children and keeps their attention. I feel like I have a whole new perspective and lots of tricks for photographing the kiddos! I cannot wait for my next baby shoot...which might be really soon since my sister is due with baby number 4 at any moment!

Here is the group!

I had a blast guys! Thanks to Neal for the group shot!

Jenny Evelyn


Inward Studio said...

It was great fun!

Brandy said...

Are you going to come down when Carroll #4 arrives?

jennyevelyn said...

Yes it was Neal and Yes Bran!

laurel said...

You should feel free to come practice on my kids :)
I bet you will employ every trick in the book, trying to get my three to all pay attention at once!

jennyevelyn said...

oh i am so there!!!!! mud pies and stick and stones that's what they are made of!

MJ said...

Now if this will translate into taking pictures of my pup, we will be in business on Tuesday! LOL.