Monday, March 16, 2009

Ta Da!!!

I now have a new custom blog!!! I hired my amazing brother Chris Barnes to design Jenny Evelyn Photography a personalized blog and that's just what he did. We went back and forth tweaking it and working out most of the kinks and I am so proud of his work and patience with working in my ideas!

I have spend hours loading all of my past entries from this blog into the new one so don't worry all the archives are still there! This blog will still stay active as a link to the new one... so check it out here!!!!!

The URL is so make sure to bookmark it or subscribe... or add this new address to your bloglines!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Teaser!!!.......... Exciting News!

Check out my blog on Monday at 10:00am EST and see the surprise. I have been working really hard on this for all of my faithful blog readers and I am super excited to share it with you!!!!

Here is a little tease can you guess what its gonna be? If you already know don't spoil the fun.

Leave your guess in a comment!

Jenny Evelyn

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Workshop Fun!!! Teens 2 Tots.

In keeping with number 6 of New Year's Resolutions I am doing some continuing education this month! I went to an awesome workshop with some of my photographer friends on Tuesday! It was a fabulous workshop by Sandy Puc. She is a portrait photographer that specializes in children her studio is called Expressions and boy can she capture them. It is amazing how she interacts with children and keeps their attention. I feel like I have a whole new perspective and lots of tricks for photographing the kiddos! I cannot wait for my next baby shoot...which might be really soon since my sister is due with baby number 4 at any moment!

Here is the group!

I had a blast guys! Thanks to Neal for the group shot!

Jenny Evelyn

Friday, March 6, 2009

There is nothing like a Great Hair Cut!!!

Yesterday my bf Elizabeth and I went together for a lunch date to get our haircuts. I have just started going to Bonnie at Glenda's cove. It is a quaint salon and Bonnie really knows hair. She totally gave me the cut I wanted!

I got lots of short funky layers on top so I thought it would be funny to post a pic where it looks like my hair is really short on my facebook and see what the reaction was. I really just wanted to get that phone call from my mom! I got lots of sweet comments about my new do but here is the real new look.

here is the fake...short haircut pic.

I guess I was just feeling like a little April Fools in March.

Here is Elizabeth's new cut

side view... and her hair is naturally curly so it looks fab that way as well.

I am glad we got to take a pic together.. Elizabeth was such a help at my Bridal Bash and I wanted a pic of us together on my backdrop!!! Yea!!

Jenny Evelyn

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fun with Little P. at the Park

A few days ago when the weather was a little warmer I got to go to Henry Burns Park for a photo session with Mr. P. I love that park because my Grandmother used to take my and my siblings there when I was a little kiddo. We had a lot of fun watching him play and explore the world around him.

Here is a little preview of our session.
Little Mr. P!

He had some fun in the swing!

Oh the JOY!!!

Posing for the camera.

almost got me...

King of the Slide!

Then some fun with mama!

This is the face he makes when he calls a dog. There were a couple around and he had a time calling them.

Sweet little hands that need holding.

I love these next two!

After a hard afternoon of playing there is nothing like being in mama's arms.

Thanks for a great shoot!!! I cannot believe what a big boy P. is now!


Jenny Evelyn

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Koutsunis and I were driving home from Church and had to jump out of the car at a stop sign and do a little snow dance around the car we were so excited about SNOW!!! We both grew up in south GA so we don't see snow very often! It was a great day!
We had a snowball fight and even made a snowman!

I had to post a couple of pics!

Our Hizzel!

Our Snowman.. we used all the snow from our front yard!

I posted some more on my facebook! here is the link

I hope everyone enjoyed the snow as much as we did!

Jenny Evelyn

Friday, February 27, 2009

Reminder to VOTE

Reminder today is the last day to cast your vote for the cover bride of Wedding Belle's Magazine! I blogged the competition here.

So Vote Vote Vote!

and have a Great weekend!

Jenny Evelyn

Monday, February 23, 2009

Jenny Evelyn's Bridal Bash

I thought it would be fun to throw a "girls night out" for my brides so that's what I did this past Thursday! A lot of my brides do not live here in Macon, GA where I am located, but I was excited that some of them where able to come! For those were not able to come...we missed you!

My Beautiful Brides!

The brides and Moi!

I did some decorating and my bf Elizabeth came over and helped me a ton! I could not have done it without her! She has such an eye for arranging parties! Thanks Elizabeth you are the best friend! That's her setting up!

We talked weddings, had a photoshoot, and ate yummy wedding food... like cheese straws and danish wedding cookies, oh and cake. Lisa of LisaMae cakes made some amazing petit fours for my party! She even put my birdie on them too.

Ok so, all the brides had to come dressed in an outfit that was inspired by their wedding. The bridesmaid were to also dressed in the bride's wedding theme! Another BIG thanks to Mrs. Gwen for helping me with my floral backdrop for all the photo fun!

Here are Margeaux and Morgan! Black, White, and actually red, but pink was close enough!

Margeaux is marring a Police man and so she showed her support in her lovely earrings!

I am sure you all remember Abby and the pink wall. She is having a pink wedding and here are Abby and Lisa (the MOH)decked out in pink! Love the matching earrings ladies!

Lindsay and Kendra(one of her bridesmaids). You guessed it... her color is green!

Serious Model Poses!

Goofy Pose!

Angel was fab in blue(her accent color).... Yellow is her main color so I made her hold this sunflower! She is really working those eyes!

Poor Heather (Angel's bridesmaid) busted her knee the day of the bash and wasn't able to make it! We missed you! I was the stand in!

Lauren brought one of her bridesmaids Amie and they were decked out in pink! Her colors are pink and orange...I should have made her hold something orange too...but, I guess the orange in the back drop will do!

Jill is marring my cuz Silas this summer and she brought her future sister-in-law and my cousin as well Susanna! Her colors are navy and green with a splash of pink. Her shirt was flannel in honor of Silas who is a man's man.


Oh course I had to have a pic with each bride too!

To see more of our fun night check out this link!
Thanks ladies for all being up for such a fun evening! I hope to throw another one soon!

Jenny Evelyn

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Vote for My Brides!!!!!

I have four brides that are going to be in the new wedding magazine Wedding Belles! I am so excited about all of them being in the magazine, but 13WMAZ is putting on a competition for the cover girl! Whatever bride gets the most votes gets a special image in the magazine! Here is the link to vote.

So...Vote Vote Vote!!!

Here are my Brides!

Chissy Ham Donavan

Laici Queen Pitts

Alicia McKinney Pickett

Virginia Elliot Gogan

Vote for one of them or all of them.. Get your friends to vote! Wouldn't it be cool to have a Jenny Evelyn bride make the cover?

Here is the link again

You have until 27th of February to vote! There will be a special on 13WMAZ in April announcing the winner and the release of the magazine. Also I have been asked to write an article for the magazine! More on that to come!

Jenny Evelyn