Friday, March 6, 2009

There is nothing like a Great Hair Cut!!!

Yesterday my bf Elizabeth and I went together for a lunch date to get our haircuts. I have just started going to Bonnie at Glenda's cove. It is a quaint salon and Bonnie really knows hair. She totally gave me the cut I wanted!

I got lots of short funky layers on top so I thought it would be funny to post a pic where it looks like my hair is really short on my facebook and see what the reaction was. I really just wanted to get that phone call from my mom! I got lots of sweet comments about my new do but here is the real new look.

here is the fake...short haircut pic.

I guess I was just feeling like a little April Fools in March.

Here is Elizabeth's new cut

side view... and her hair is naturally curly so it looks fab that way as well.

I am glad we got to take a pic together.. Elizabeth was such a help at my Bridal Bash and I wanted a pic of us together on my backdrop!!! Yea!!

Jenny Evelyn


Brandy said...

You both look fabulous!!!

charlotte carroll said...

seriously.. gorgeous!

laurel said...

Love it!

MJ said...

Very cute pictures (and haircuts)! I love getting my haircut, and I can't wait to chop it back off after my wedding...

octopus said...

So beautiful!Love it:)

goGardenNow said...

Great blog, Jenny!