Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fun with Little P. at the Park

A few days ago when the weather was a little warmer I got to go to Henry Burns Park for a photo session with Mr. P. I love that park because my Grandmother used to take my and my siblings there when I was a little kiddo. We had a lot of fun watching him play and explore the world around him.

Here is a little preview of our session.
Little Mr. P!

He had some fun in the swing!

Oh the JOY!!!

Posing for the camera.

almost got me...

King of the Slide!

Then some fun with mama!

This is the face he makes when he calls a dog. There were a couple around and he had a time calling them.

Sweet little hands that need holding.

I love these next two!

After a hard afternoon of playing there is nothing like being in mama's arms.

Thanks for a great shoot!!! I cannot believe what a big boy P. is now!


Jenny Evelyn


Amanda said...

Jenny, you truly captured our little man!! The images are the BEST!!! We love you!!!
Amanda & Justin

Sharon said... outdid yourself! These are great and not only did you capture the fun little man but you capture the great little momma that Amanda is. A couple of these are PRICELESS and will be cherished memories time we just have to get JT in the shoot. The three of them together are a hoot!

Again GREAT JOB and BTW I told Amanda this past weekend that I loved the cake pics!

Take care...Sharon (Amanda's Aunt from Sandersville)

Sharon said...
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Angel said...

So sweet, Jenny! I love how he shows his little baby teeth when he smiles.

Ashley said...

These are so cute! Great job!

jennyevelyn said...

Thanks guys!!!
Sharron you are totally right we def need Justin there next time!

Brandy said...

very very cute, i can not wait for some of my little ones!

MJ said...

These are so ADORABLE! I love them!!!