Sunday, March 1, 2009


Koutsunis and I were driving home from Church and had to jump out of the car at a stop sign and do a little snow dance around the car we were so excited about SNOW!!! We both grew up in south GA so we don't see snow very often! It was a great day!
We had a snowball fight and even made a snowman!

I had to post a couple of pics!

Our Hizzel!

Our Snowman.. we used all the snow from our front yard!

I posted some more on my facebook! here is the link

I hope everyone enjoyed the snow as much as we did!

Jenny Evelyn


Lindsay Hopes. said...

yay for snow!!!!

laurel said...

My boys all prayed for snow last night before they went to bed:::but apparently all the snow in south GA was in your yard:::glad you enjoyed it!

Brandy said...

wow, ya'll got quite a bit! we got none :(

jennyevelyn said...

i want more snow!!! I need to post more pic!

amyers said...

I'm so jealous!! I was planning on a homeschool snow day today! :(

MJ said...

The snow was so great! I wish it would come back - it didn't last nearly long enough!

debbie bailey said...

Jenny, your house is adorable! A sweet little cottage. Maybe Laurel and I will pop in sometime and visit!

christy said...

Your house is SO cute. I love it!