Monday, December 22, 2008

Its Christmas Time!

I also wanted to post our card from last year because I really like it and I did not have a blog to post it on last year. So here it last year's card too!

I love Christmas time and all the celebrating that come with it this time of year.
So I thought I would share some of my favorite things about Christmas.

-the smell of the Christmas tree

-decorating my tree and house

-singing Christmas carols

-going to look at tacky lights with my family every Christmas eve(after the candle light service at church)

-watching Charlie Brown Christmas and the Muppet's Christmas Carol

-eating homemade Greek food for Christmas dinner (my mom is 1/2 Greek) its AMAZING

-eating Baklava for desert!

-surprising my friends and family with presents that I know they will love!

-going back to my hometown and seeing friends and family that I miss

-Family Fun time with my sisters, brothers, parents, nieces and nephews

Here are my decked halls!
I love that it looks kinda like a ginger bread house!

the bird on my wreath!

Some of our Christmas decorations! I have REAL mistletoe this year too! This lady that was working at Walmart shot some out of a tree and was giving it away!

We got some awesome Christmas cards this year too.

I got my BIG gift a couple of days ago! I fisheye lens! I have looooved playing with it! Here are K and I all snuggled on the couch!

I took some fun pic of my tree with my new lens!!!!

I hope that everyone is having a Merry Christmas this year. I hope we can all find a way to give to those in need and remember our soldiers that are over seas this season. God has blessed us so much and thank him for sending his son!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Jenny Evelyn

Friday, December 19, 2008

West Side Story (Lindsay and Mikell Part 2)

Ok so here are the rest that I was just too tired to post last night!

Mikell's last name is West! So when Lindsay saw this wall we knew it was the perfect shot! What will the West's story look like? I do not know yet, I assure you it will be an exciting one! The West's will be moving to Texas after their wedding to settle into their new life. Mikell live there now and with his job does a lot of missions work in Mexico. Lindsay will be teaching and helping Mikell in the summers! Better brush up on you espanol chica!

So these next two are what was taking me so long.. but I love how they turned out!

Love, Love, Love this one!

What's in there?

Lindsay looks so pretty here!

Then up on the rooftop.

Again, thanks guys for being so fun to work with. We really got some fun shots!
I cannot wait for your wedding!

Jenny Evelyn

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lindsay & Mikell ( Part 1)

Lindsay and Mikell, what can I say? You two were so fun to photograph! We went some unconventional places around Macon for their engagement shoot! They are such a crazy and in love couple that they were up for anything! I have been having some updates on my computer and actually technically many new part put into my computer! My hubbs (Koutsunis thats Cu-soon-is) is a computer engineer so he has been working overtime at home to get me up and running again. Anyway, I have a ton of awesome photos that I cannot wait to share, but I promised Lindsay I would post some tonight so here is Part 1. Don't worry Part 2 will be posted a.s.a.p. I just wanted to get some up for now! Enjoy!

We caught a lot of awesome sunshineyness!

One of my favs...they both have gorgeous eyes!

getting some sugar!

You work that BIG smile Mikell! (Mikell's glasses)

Can you guess where we found this? Wish we could shoot this on their wedding day...I need to insert and ALMOST :)

That sun again!

Ok that's all for now... stay tuned!

Jenny Evelyn

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Work in Ginger Michelle's!!!!

If you have never heard of Ginger Michelle you have to check them out!

G M is a super cute woman's boutique in downtown Macon, it is located on First Street right next to the Armory Ballroom(an awesome reception venue)! They also have a division of the store dedicated to awesome stationary called One Fine Day. They carry everything from wedding & engagement party invitations to bridal and baby shower invitations, they have it all. They also carry brands like Vera Wang and Anna Griffin!

They loved my photography!!!! It fits perfectly with their now my photography is now hanging on the wall as part of the decor of Ginger Michelle's One Fine Day!!! It is such an honor to have my images in their store! I loving seeing my finished images hanging as art on the walls of such a cool boutique!

Here are some of the prints!

If you are downtown make sure to pop in to see some of my images in person and to check out the awesome stationary and clothing. I always find a cool pair of earrings every time I go in there.

A special thanks to Melissa for loving my art and supporting my new company!

Jenny Evelyn

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Pownall Family!

Last Monday I got together with the Pownall's to photograph their sweet family! Mrs. Holiday is a family friend and graciously let us photograph the session in her beautiful garden! Here are some of my favorites from their session.

The Fam.

Then the girls with daddy!

Then mom.

Then it was time to play. R.G. did some spinning, exploring, and running!

I love this one!

and she played with dad!

Baby D just sucked her fingers and tried to eat some grass!


I just love little hands.

Then I got R.G. to hold still for a couple of portraits for mom!

Don't these girls have the prettiest eyes!

This is one of my favorite shots of the day!

and this one!

Thanks y'all for an awesome time! You have some beautiful little girls!
To see all their images go to

I cannot wait to see which one is your Christmas card!

Merry Christmas!

Jenny Evelyn