Friday, April 25, 2008

5 Reasons I Love Anna Claire & Jake

1. Anna Claire is my cousin, I have seen her grow into a beautiful woman, and a sweet soon to be wife! Jake is totally perfect for AC.

2. AC & Jake both share my love for creation, the outdoors and art!

3. They were willing to run, jump and climb to capture awesome images with me!

4. They gave me the honor of photographing their wedding day!

5. Their Love is Oh So Sweet!

Don't forget to click on the images to see them large!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baby Caroline

Baby Caroline was born on monday April 14. Here is her first photo shoot! She was asleep the whole time, but I think she is a natural.

What sweet little hand and mouth!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Mary & Wesley

I knew when I first moved to Macon, GA I knew that Mary and Wes would be great together. Mary is my cousin and such a sweet spirit, and I actually knew Wes before Mary did. When I was as taking Photo 1 in college Wes was taking Photo 2. It was always fun to talk to Wes in the darkroom. Well shortly after my arrival in Macon I ran into Wes at the grocery store and he informed me that he was taking my cousin Mary on a first date. I was so excited! Less then a year later here they are engaged and I am honored to shoot their wedding. Here are a couple of my favorite shots!

This on is my favorite! The Love Orb!