Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ben Folds

Last weekend my hubby took me to Savannah to see my favorite musician, Ben Folds! There are not many musicans that I have loved since I was 15. Thats right my friend Benji gave me the Whatever & Amen cd my sophmore year of highschool and I replayed it like crazy. I cannot begin to say how much Benf Folds music brought me through many bad times and good times; from my worst break in college to my first dance at my wedding, his song and piano have been there.
Koutsunis(My husband, yep that is pronounced Cu-soon-is, the T is silent) really tried to work the system. He called and tried to get me back stage since I am an important photographer....they didn't buy it. Oh well, it is so cool that he tried. The show was amazing! I met a new friend that had snuck a camera in and he let me take some photos of BF, thanks John! Here are my favorites!

Ben rocking the piano! & ...With the band

It just so happend that my friend Benji
was at the show too!!!
It was an awesome night!